CPAN's 30429 modules distributions

in alphabetical order by modules contained in the distributions

Sun Sep 17 09:54:00 2017 UTC

The list contains modules distribution files on CPAN for modules that are not included in the perl standard distribution but are included in the current release of Perl Module List. To keep the size of this list acceptable, it does not list which modules are in each package. To get at those, it is recommended to use the module or read the detailed listing.

Column module/category contains the module or category name, column author/maintainer the userid of the author or maintainer which is a hyperlink to her homedirectory. The filename in column current distribution file is a link to the real file. The last column young contains a plus sign if the file is younger than two weeks.

See also:

module/     author/   current distribution file       size   uploaded   young
category    maintainer

Aard        MGV       Aard-0.001.tar.gz                   0.7M  14 Nov 2014
Ace         LDS       AcePerl-1.92.tar.gz                 293k  11 Nov 2008
ACL         HORNBURG  ACL-Lite-0.0004.tar.gz                5k  14 Dec 2013
ACL         PBLAIR    ACL-Regex-0.0002.tar.gz               6k  12 Mar 2013
Acme        AANOAA    Acme-eng2kor-v0.0.2.tar.gz           11k  11 Feb 2011
Acme        ABERGMAN  Acme-Goto-Line-0.01.tar.gz            9k  28 Mar 2004
Acme        ABHIISNOT Acme-AbhiIsNot-0.03.tar.gz            4k  13 Jun 2012
Acme        ABHIISNOT Acme-String-Trim-0.003.tar.gz        16k  31 Oct 2012
Acme        ABIGAIL   Acme-CPANAuthors-CPANTS-FiveOrMore-2010072801.tar.gz  16k  27 Jul 2010
Acme        ABIGAIL   Acme-CPANAuthors-Dutch-2009102802.tar.gz  3k  28 Oct 2009
Acme        ABIGAIL   Acme-CPANAuthors-EU-2014051201.tar.gz  4k  12 May 2014
Acme        ABIGAIL   Acme-CPANAuthors-European-2014051201.tar.gz  4k  12 May 2014
Acme        ABIGAIL   Acme-CPANAuthors-Pumpkings-2012032201.tar.gz  4k  22 Mar 2012
Acme        ABIGAIL   Acme-MathProfessor-RandomPrime-2009121001.tar.gz  3k  20 Dec 2009
Acme        ABIGAIL   Acme-MetaSyntactic-Themes-Abigail-2013073101.tar.gz  49k  30 Jul 2013
Acme        ABIGAIL   Acme-Time-Baby-2010090301.tar.gz      9k  03 Sep 2010
Acme        ACCARDO   Acme-Bushisms-0.02.tar.gz             2k  21 Jul 2003
Acme        ACE       Acme-MotorcycleGang-0.0.5.tar.gz     18k  25 Nov 2015
Acme        ADAMK     Acme-Everything-1.01.tar.gz          20k  11 Dec 2007
Acme        ADAMK     Acme-Mom-Yours-0.02.tar.gz           23k  19 Apr 2009
Acme        ADAMK     Acme-PerlML-1.00.tar.gz              19k  05 Jun 2006
Acme        ADAMK     Acme-SuperCollider-Programming-0.02.tar.gz  23k  19 May 2009
Acme        ADAMK     Acme-Terror-AU-0.01.tar.gz           19k  07 Aug 2006
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